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Mitigating Lone Working Risks

Recognition of safety and health risks in the workplace, and working together to prevent these and protect each other is the goal of safety at work. Any job has its safety risks. SoloProtect provides the ultimate safeguard in mitigating risk in workplace.

When each of us, management and employee, are actively engaged in injury risk reduction, the hope of every worker arriving safely back home after a day’s work can be realized. SoloProtect provides the ultimate safeguard in risk reduction, assisting companies with solutions to limit business risks of lone workers.

SoloProtect provides the industry-leading solution for worker safety whatever the worker’s field. Lone workers have the means of immediate communication with assistance when facing an emergency. They may work alone, but no one faces danger or difficulty alone when they have SoloProtect.

The Identicom Device with GPS can be worn as an ID badge on a lanyard hanging around the worker’s neck, via lapel clip attached to a worker’s shirt or on a retractable clip attached to a worker’s belt loop, depending on the worker’s role specific needs. Easy to wear and easier and more discreet to activate than a cell phone, one touch connects the endangered worker with emergency personnel and aid. Whether the need for help is a threatening social situation, an emergency medical situation, or an equipment issue, the worker has instant access to trained, on-call personnel.

With proven extensive industry experience specializing in lone worker safety, SecurTek delivers superior monitoring service. A lone worker may be out of touch with others, but not out of touch with SoloProtect powered by SecurTek. SecurTek operates 24/6/365 from three monitoring stations in both Western and Eastern Canada. SecurTek's agents are prepared to respond professionally to any emergency call that comes in, and the GPS component on the Identicom badge provides a GPS and address location for emergency personnel to arrive swiftly with appropriate aid. Lone workers may face difficulty in the field, but they don’t face it alone: SoloProtect and SecurTek are on the job.

Each Identicom device can optionally be configured with 'Ready2Talk' non-emergency communication. Up to 3 buttons can be configured with phone numbers to enable the worker to call any phone number and have a two-way voice conversation. Typically, the first number can be configured to call their company dispatch, security desk or their manager. The second button can be configured to call SecurTek so the worker always has someone to talk to when they are in a risky but non-emergency situation. The third button could be configured to call their spouse.

SoloProtect is the ultimate safeguard in risk reduction providing businesses with lone worker safety solutions, dynamic risk assessment, and effective training for workers and managers. With SoloProtect, no one is left to face risk on his own. Providing user training and a dedicated customer support team, SoloProtect extends a comprehensive and affordable solution to worker security and industry-leading emergency communications.