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SoloProtect Lone Worker Safety Solutions

SoloProtect is the leading lone worker safety solution encompassing a fully managed service for your mobile workforce.


SoloProtect provides unparalleled worker safety by combining the most widely-deployed dedicated lone worker emergency communication device (Identicom) with professional monitoring by SecurTek - A SaskTel Company.

Give your lone workers the ability to signal for help discreetly, without their attacker knowing.  Imagine the benefits of capturing audio evidence of verbal abuse.  Do your workers face risk of a 'Man Down' incident?  What would happen if they didn't have SoloProtect to call for help?  Would your workers want the ability to talk to someone when they are entering a nervous but non-emergency situation?  Do you need to keep track of your workers for safety or productivity reasons?

The SoloProtect solution provides all that and more:

  • Discreet and Easy to Use Identicom Device w/GPS
  • Device SIM and Inclusive Airtime 
  • 2-way voice and 1-way voice recording
  • Emergency Monitoring 24/7/365
  • User Training
  • Help desk
  • 12 month manufacturer warranty and inexpensive additional warranty available.
  • 'Man Down' (Optional Add-On)
  • Mobile Workforce Management Platform (Optional Add-On)
  • 'Ready2Talk' non-emergency communications (Optional Add-On)

Unique Identicom ID Badge.

The award winning Identicom device is the most widely used of its kind and has a growing international presence with more than 175,000 shipped worldwide. Uniquely styled as an ID badge, Identicom is easy to wear and discreet to use. Equipped with a GSM mobile SIM chip, each device has unlimited North American coverage with no additional wireless phone bill. Each device has GPS for emergency response location-identification, one-way and two-way voice communications with automatic evidence-based voice recording. As an option, devices can be enabled with non-emergency 'Ready2Talk' two-way voice calls and Auto 'Man Down' emergency alerts. Identicom is the ideal device for lone workers facing potential social, personal health and environmental risks.

The Identicom device was developed with the innovation of Connexion2. When attending a Suzy Lamplugh Trust event in 2002 Craig Swallow, Managing Director of Connexion2, surveyed a room of people engrossed in lone worker safety, all of whom were wearing identity badges as part of entry to the show. It struck him that a mobile communications device with a discreet form-factor such as this would be invaluable to lone workers. This idea later became Identicom.

In 2003 Connexion2 was founded with the aim of improving the safety and the productivity of lone workers. The company is based in Sheffield UK, but services partners and customers based all over the world across a wide range of market sectors.

Connexion2 continues to deliver solutions that are tailored to their user, simple to use, effective in their operation and designed to empower lone workers and an organization to operate with total peace of mind.

Professional Monitoring.

Founded in 1999, SecurTek has been delivering peace of mind to its customers for nearly two decades. SecurTek is the only security monitoring company in Canada owned by a Crown Corporation and a telecommunications company, SaskTel. SecurTek's customers can be assured that SecurTek is held to the highest standards of corporate governance, privacy, confidentiality, safety, security and employee welfare. Governments, financial institutions, public corporations, private businesses and homeowners of all types trust SecurTek to protect their assets and people.

SecurTek earned the Five Diamond Certification for superior monitoring service awarded by the Central Station Alarm Association (CSAA). SecurTek monitoring stations are Underwriters' Laboratories of Canada (ULC) certified for burglary, fire and financial, which means they meet or exceed the highest standards in the industry with regards to alarm response, staffing requirements and technology.

SecurTek strives for the highest industry standards in customer service, call handling capabilities, best practice in alarm response procedures, and built-in network and system redundancies. SecurTek is a favorite of law enforcement because of SecurTek's professional operations and efforts to minimize false alarms.

Like their partner, SoloProtect, SecurTek believes that the right people with the right training results in the right response. SecurTek's agents provide professional monitoring across Canada 24 hours per day 365 days per year for nearly 100,000 customers.