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Worker safety protection, 24/7/365 alarm support.

Lone Worker Devices and Applications

Discretion and immediacy when you need it most. Proven technology used by over 250,000 lone workers.

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A solution to fit the safety needs of your workforce. A comprehensive lone worker service.

Supporting Services

Included with all SoloProtect solutions

Monitoring Center support is supplied to your mobile workers on a 24/7/365 basis. Operators will be there to support our solution users whatever the situation, verifying events, escalating appropriately and liaising with the relevant authorities.

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Included with all SoloProtect solutions

Our Customer Engagement Platform. SoloProtect Insights is designed to give greater control and efficiency for SoloProtect customers, 24/7 access to solution management, and flexible training support for solution users to access on PC or mobile devices.

Add on service upgrade for all SoloProtect solutions.

  • View and organise users by department
  • Create locations and POI's
  • Geofence areas for auto-alerts
  • Share pictures directly from SoloProtect Mobile
  • Tag specific risks to share with colleagues
  • Mapping interface
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