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Lone Worker Monitoring

Five Diamond professional monitoring 24/7/365

SecurTek, founded in 1999, is a leading provider of monitoring solutions in Canada, with residential and commercial customers across Canada.  Customers trust SecurTek because it meets the highest standards for a monitoring station, with a Five Diamond rating from the Central Station Alarm Association (CSAA) and is listed by Underwriters' Laboratories of Canada (ULC).  ULC listed monitoring companies have met the highest national standards for monitoring, response times and false alarms.  

As the result of being owned by 100 year Crown corporation, SecurTek is held to the highest standards for corporate governance, customer service and employee safety and security. 

SecurTek has two monitoring stations in Winnipeg, MB and Yorkton, SK. SecurTek's professional agents are trained to follow standardized emergency protocols, which can be customized depending upon the unique business requirements of our customers and also on the unique requirements of law enforcement and emergency personnel in each community across the country.  Emergency Responders do not all respond in the same fashion across the country, but our customers can be assured that SecurTek has a long history of working with Canadian emergency responders and we aim to work with them in alignment with their unique information requirements and operating procedures so that our customers get the fastest and most appropriate assistance in their time of emergency regardless of where they are in Canada.

SecurTek's technical support personnel complete the Canadian Security Association's Alarm Technician Course.  The ATC designation means our technicians have the skills, knowledge, tools and confidence to resolve issues as they occur.  ATC covers a wide range of topics and trends relevant to today’s alarm technician and current industry requirements, including new technologies such as networking and wireless and extensive false alarm prevention. Designed by top security experts, the course promotes best practices and the highest possible standards in the industry.

Course topics include:

  • Controls
  • Detection (inputs)
  • Notification/communication (outputs)
  • Basic networking
  • System design
  • Job planning
  • Field wiring
  • Power and grounding
  • Wireless
  • Safety
  • Metering
  • False alarm management
  • Commissioning

SoloProtect uses a media gateway and automation to digitally record, date and time stamp each call.  In some cases this additional data may be used by emergency responders during their response, and it may also used by customers in Occupational Health & Safety investigations or for evidence in a dispute.