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Lone Worker Two Way Communication & Recording

SoloProtect enables a worker to record audio during an emergency, to place a 2-way voice call to 3 predetermined numbers, or to have an automatic 2-way voice call initiated in a Man-Down incident.

Red Alert audio recording.

Violence against workers is an unfortunate reality.  SoloProtect is unique in that it is an ID badge that can be used discreetly by the worker to get help without an attacker knowing.  In an emergency incident a worker can silently activate the button on the backside of the badge to send a Red Alert distress signal and simultaneously record 30 seconds of audio for use by SecurTek and emergency personnel to properly assess the emergency and respond.

Yellow Alert audio recording.

The Yellow Alert button on the back bottom corner of the device can be activated by the workers before entering a potentially risky work situation.  The employee can record 30 seconds of audio to provide additional details of the work situation that might be useful in the case of an emergency.  This audio recording is stored in the SoloProtect media server until a Red Alert alarm is triggered.  At that time, the Yellow Alert recordings are presented to the SecurTek agent to listen for more information during their emergency response procedure.  This can provide valuable information to police and other emergency personnel as they are enroute to a worker safety incident.

Ready2Talk 2-way voice call.

Three buttons on the front face of the device, under the ID badge, are available to be pre-programmed with three telephone numbers.  A worker can then call any of these three numbers when they feel concern for their safety, such as walking to their car in a dark parking lot after their shift.  To provide workers with guaranteed access to a chaperone even when everyone else is asleep, customers will have the option of programming the second button with SecurTek's phone number where an agent will be available 24/7.  

Man-down automatic 2-way voice communication.

The Identicom device will send a Man-down alert when the device has tilted more than 70 degrees and remained motionless for a defined period (customizable).  Before an alert is sent, the device will vibrate to indicate to the worker that a Man-down alert will be sent.  If the device is not picked up immediately, the alert will be sent and the device will automatically establish a 2-way voice call with a SecurTek agent who will attempt to speak to the worker.  If no response is received, SecurTek will dispatch emergency responders and follow Man-down response protocol.