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Mobile Workforce Management Platform

MWMP takes a completely new look at using an online portal to assist the safety and productivity of lone workers.

The Mobile Workforce Management Platform (MWMP) enables safety managers and supervisors to play an active role in the safety and productivity of their employees.

MWMP gives the manager the ability to locate staff on a Google-style map with accurate, real-time location data and a breadcrumb trail. Like a Google Map, MWMP can be viewed in satellite view, terrain view or street view.

The manager also can view the status of all devices to check for battery levels, cell signal strength, travelling speed, and whether the device is turned off. All device status is available in real time or as historical customized reports for a single device or a group of devices.

Geofences can be created around office locations and job sites to send automated alerts when workers have arrived at or left a job site. This feature is not only useful for worker safety but can be incorporated into daily time sheets.

The MWMP can be used to send text messages to workers' cell phones. This is useful for example when a worker is still at a job site after everyone else has left, because he may be in need of assistance.  Another use case is to automatically send a text message to remind a worker that their Identicom battery level is low and it is time to recharge.


  • Safety managers can actively engage in the safety of workers in real time, such as monitoring for dangerous driving or dispatching another worker to provide assistance when someone is in need. The safety manager knows who is closest and who is already in a vehicle heading in the right direction.
  • Programmable alerts and reporting.
  • Quicker communication via to the MWMP to all workers who share a common criteria, such as low battery level, with one text message.
  • Better time-management and ability to measure and improve efficiencies with geofence reporting.
  • Resource productivity. Re-deploy resources based on who is closest to a location.