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SecurTek Announces SoloProtect in Canada

At CANASA Security Central in Toronto, on October 21-22, 2015, SecurTek announced exclusive Canadian distribution for SoloProtect, the most widely-deployed dedicated lone worker emergency communication solution in the world.

[Toronto, Ontario] – At CANASA Security Central in Toronto on October 21-22, SecurTek announced the launch of SoloProtect, a lone worker emergency communication solution that will help employers meet their legal and moral obligations to keep their workers safe. SoloProtect will be available for use in Canada in January 2016. SecurTek is taking inquiries from interested Canadian dealers immediately.

SoloProtect is the most widely-deployed dedicated lone worker emergency communication device in the world, with more than 175,000 units sold. It is worn by the workers as their ID badge. It enables full emergency communication such as Red Alert, Rip Alarm, ManDown, Yellow Alert situational recording, Ready2Talk non-emergency communication, and GPS location reporting. As an option, employers can also subscribe to the Mobile Workforce Management Platform to locate, monitor, and manage all of their lone workers on a global map.

Unlike other emergency communication products, SoloProtect can be used discreetly by the worker to send an alert for help or to open up a phone call to SecurTek monitoring personnel. Discreet communications can help avoid aggravating an aggressor and escalating the emergency.

SecurTek partnered with Kings III Emergency Communications to bring SoloProtect to Canada. SoloProtect has been in use in Europe for 10 years and is being sold in other countries such as Australia, New Zealand, and the United States.

The high level of interest at the show shows that Canadian Security Dealers have been approached by employers looking to better protect their workers.  SoloProtect captured a lot of interest particularly because this product has such a unique form factor…an ID badge, which makes it different than any other product of its kind.  It is amazing that technology has evolved to the point that a fully functional GSM “cell phone” with GPS can be installed in a device as small as an ID badge.

According to Wes LaBrash, SecurTek Director of Marketing, since Canada’s Bill C-45 was passed in 2004, more than $1M in fines have been levied and at least 2 supervisors have been convicted of jail time for negligence causing death or injury to their workers. Employers have a legal and moral obligation to keep their workers safe, including properly defining the work, properly training the employee to do the work, ensuring the employee can conduct a dynamic risk assessment to avoid risk of injury while working, and providing a means of emergency communication appropriate for the work situation.

Article Published 10.22.2015