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SoloProtect Delivers Occupational Safety Via Employee Monitoring Safety Solutions

SoloProtect Employee Monitoring for Lone Worker Safety recognizes National Occupational Safety & Health Week to build awareness of the need for employers, operations professionals and HR executives to deploy solutions for worker safety in the US.

Employees value health and rank personal safety as the first importance among labor standards. According to a study from the National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago, 85% of workers rank workplace safety as number one on their list of importance. Workplace safety is ranked above everything else. Each employee wants to come to work, be safe and stay safe until returning home. SoloProtect provides proactive safety solutions for your employees, including lone workers and those who work at an off site office location. SoloProtect delivers on occupational safety and health with employee monitoring safety solutions.

May 3-9 is North American Occupational Safety and Health Week (NAOSH). This week, especially, individuals and organizations all over North America join to bring awareness to the importance of preventing injuries and illnesses in the workplace. This provides a great opportunity to bring attention, add force to and strengthen the collective commitment from both employer and employee to occupational safety and health.

Employers join workers in ranking workplace safety as a high priority. Businesses that continue to invest in safety show benefits in many ways, including:

· Reduced absentee rates
· Lower worker turnover rates
· Higher employee morale
· Higher productivity levels
· Positive brand image
· Positive impact on the bottom line

Workers who are safe and healthy feel motivated to work. This increases productivity, and contributes positively to the growth and reputation of the business. Safety and health will continue to be significant elements of benefit for both the worker and the employee. The expense of preventing work-related injuries and illnesses is considerably less than the cost of covering them after they take place. SoloProtect provides that employee monitoring safety net you and your workers need in the workplace.

SoloProtect provides class-leading worker safety resources to the employer in monitoring employees on the job, wherever the worker is and in whatever difficult situations arise. Help is available at the discreet touch of a button. The lone worker finds immediate assistive response, whether the situation is one of facing violence, a health-related issue or a job-sight malfunction. Your workers are covered 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with the latest protective employee monitoring device. Worn like an ID badge and connected to a constantly-monitored call center, your employee has an unprecedented safety solution that’s closer, easier to use and more discreet than a cell phone. Additionally, every contact is recorded and admissible in court to further protect your worker and your company.

SoloProtect helps you protect your greatest assets in the business – your employees. Like you, SoloProtect is serious about safety, providing protection for your workers, your reputation and the bottom line. For more information and the economic advantages of acquiring the latest employee monitoring technology for your business, call 866-632-6577, visit and follow us in social media today. SoloProtect delivers on occupational safety and health employee monitoring for worker safety.

Article Published 5.4.2015