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A little bit about us . .

SoloProtect originated as a lone worker solution in the UK. It has since been expanded internationally and is now available in New Zealand from NZ Lone Worker Solutions Ltd, with Alarm Monitoring Support provided by Waikato Security Services.

SoloProtect's aim is help employers make better provision for the safety or their lone workers. Giving workers peace of mind, and a clear mechanism to raise the alarm should they be the victim of verbal abuse, assault or if incapacitated - minimizing risk to staff and reducing corporate risk at the same time.

In May 2013 SoloProtect was acquired by The Broady family, US investors with a proven track record of developing growth in recurring revenue and technology businesses. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, SoloProtect LLC now delivers comprehensive lone worker protection to organisations in the USA and Canada. In 2014 SoloProtect B.V was created to deliver lone worker solutions to The Netherlands, France, and Germany.

In December 2013 SoloProtect celebrated its 10 year anniversary. The original aim of delivering a great lone worker solution to all customers remains the same today. Robust, BS8484:2016 approved (This is the British Standard), lone worker solutions utilising innovative functionality, to find new ways to protect workers is important to the business.