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Lone Worker Safety FAQ

Quick and easy answers to your most commonly asked questions about how SoloProtect is used in New Zealand.

Q. How does SoloProtect fit with our existing Health & Safety programme?

A. SoloProtect is an invaluable addition to any existing H&S programme. As well as creating a safer environment for lone workers by always having support and help available, the SoloProtect reporting and optional audio recording function give your organisation much stronger information and evidence material to follow up on any incidents.

Q. Will the pending Health & Safety Reform Bill affect our use of SoloProtect?

A. The new legislation is likely to impose much more stringent requirements on organisations and their directors to ensure a safe working environment for workers. For lone workers this has traditionally been difficult to achieve without sending additional staff on jobs. SoloProtect helps organisations demonstrate duty of care to lone workers in a cost-effective way.

Q. Do I wear an Identicom device as well as my usual ID badge?

A. No, any standard ID card will fit into the Identicom badge, so you wear it as your usual ID. This means it's already a familiar part of your routine and its technologies are discreetly embedded for easy access when you need it. In a threatening situation you can call for help without alerting the potential attacker and without breaking eye contact.

Q. How do you support your clients through an implementation?

A. We’re beside you all the way, with a SoloProtect customer care programme developed specifically for your needs. Your customer care programme will include customising your Identicom device, helping you establish good internal processes, and helping you become confident Identicom users by intensive monitoring and reporting. 

If this doesn't answer your question, please contact SoloProtect on the details below.