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New safety tool for SMEs

WorkSafe launches 'Around the Block'.

WorkSafe has announced a new tool designed to help SMEs assess and reduce their workplace health and safety risks. Named 'Around the Block', the interactive tool is designed to get people thinking about the typical risks that can be faced in and around a typical city-block - for workers across a range of business types.

The tool offers insights and considerations based on risk, and is aimed to help users identify and manage some of their key risks - as well as supporting training and best practices.

The tool will also add an increasing number of business types over time, with thirteen added so far.

Around The Block
“Businesses have told us they want to better understand health and safety in their particular business context, so we worked with representative businesses to develop and test the tool. It’s designed to support them with training and involving workers in identifying and managing some of their key health and safety risks,”
said Katherine Low, Manager Education and Engagement Strategy at WorkSafe.

Article Published 25.11.2016