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Lone Worker Protection Benefits

SoloProtect brings to New Zealand years of experience in delivering world-class lone worker solutions, the leading dedicated lone worker device, and comprehensive support.

SoloProtect, the fully managed, comprehensive lone worker solution is now available in New Zealand after years of development and experience internationally. Designed in the UK to give employers an easy, and effective way to protect all types of lone worker - over 160,000 people now use Identicom as their preferred lone worker device.

A Proven Device.

The market-leading Identicom is a two-way audio lone worker device, uniquely styled as an identity badge. It's easy to wear, discreet to use and always within reach by a lone worker. Equipped with GPS and an automatic 'Man Down', Identicom is the ideal device for New Zealand lone workers facing potential social and environmental risk. 

New functionality within the device includes 3G enabled Identicoms. Thus giving lone workers a greater degree of functionality for use, and the ability to share information within their community, quickly and cost effectively. 

A Comprehensive Solution.

Identicom is supported by several other key solution elements - ultimately, any lone worker solution's worth can be judged on the response it elicits. Any SoloProtect solution includes the following elements:

  • Identicom device.
  • SIM Card and all inclusive network usage (Fair usage policy applies).
  • 24 / 7 Alarm Receiving Centre support.
  • User training on best use of the solution.
  • Dedicated Customer Support.
  • Monthly reporting as standard.

Dedicated Support.

SoloProtect users receive comprehensive Customer Support across the entirety of their contract. We'll help get you set up, and we'll also update the necessary contact and escalation details should you request amendments as you have changes in personnel, or communications infrastructure etc.