SoloProtect Insights

The Power Behind Our Solutions

SoloProtect Insights is the key to any successful solution deployment – at onboarding and implementation stages, and in terms of ongoing management and access to valuable reporting across an entire contract length.

Insights is a tool for total lone worker management – reducing administration for your team and helping you create a team structure to reflect your organisation, whilst delivering key reporting metrics to all stakeholders.

"SoloProtect Insights is included with all SoloProtect solutions"

Simple Onboarding

Insights allows you to create teams, managers, and a structure that reflects your own reporting lines. Helping administrators to allocate devices, manage the details of escalation contacts, and to check online training progress as the solution is being rolled out.

Access ‘Red Alerts’

Access all alarm reporting, and request audio relating to genuine ‘Red Alert’ incidents, directly within Insights. Give access to senior stakeholders who need to review serious incidents in order to help shape your organisation’s policy and response.

Digestible Reporting

Insights has a series of reporting dashboards that give key indicators around a solution’s health. Whether it is to review users and team structure, key stats around usage behavior, or to understand which teams are needing a greater level of alarm support – Insights gives simple data points for review. It also allows report creation, and regular, automatic distribution across reporting stakeholders to reduce the time managers spend on manual reporting.

Your Solution Hub

SoloProtect Insights is the hub that drives a successful solution implementation, and allows administration to be simple and accessible, whilst being time efficient.

Beyond implementation, It’s packed with features that give a manager operational benefits on a day to day basis, making life easier and allowing them to focus where needed.

It ensures good communication between mobile teams and managers, all driving towards a successful flow of goods or services for your organisation.

Live Location

Accessing an end user’s ‘Live Location’ allows a manager to get credible information about a worker’s recent whereabouts, as well as their working status, and device battery life.

This can assist resource management in order to redeploy a worker elsewhere efficiently, and can also be used as part of confirming verification around a progression of works or a successful goods transfer.

Working Status

Allows a worker to highlight their current working status on their device, which is then displayed within SoloProtect Insights.

From enabling effective resource planning to ensuring that mobile workers are home safely at the end of their working day – Insights supports a manager and a smooth flow of information.

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