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Small but Mighty

We’re extremely proud to now be supplying SoloProtect Go, a compact and easy to use, dedicated lone worker device with discreet, simple operation.

While spending a great deal of time talking, and listening to our customers it became clear to us that no one solution fits all needs. Whilst the SoloProtect ID is the most widely used lone worker device in the UK, the ID form factor is not suitable for everyone. We saw a gap that needed to be addressed.

Many workers are not required to wear an ID badge and some simply would prefer to wear their lone worker device as a key fob or on a belt clip. Therefore, we decided it was time to adapt and offer a broader range of products. Which brings us to the SoloProtect Go.

The key to any lone worker solution is discreetness, and we still believe the SoloProtect ID offers the most discreet solution on the market. However, by ensuring the SoloProtect Go is the smallest and lightest dedicated lone worker device available, within a BS 8484 approved solution, you can be sure you’re still getting an extremely discreet device.

Despite being so small the SoloProtect Go still packs a punch; it offers the same dedicated full-service, 24/7/365 monitoring as all SoloProtect solutions, it has an unobtrusive design and is simple to use, with a two-button operation.

It can be worn in a variety of ways, using a lanyard, a belt clip or a keychain and, like the SoloProtect ID it contains mobile phone (GSM) technology which will connect a user to our highly trained operators at the push of a button.

SoloProtect Go also includes fast and accurate Geolocation technology; using built-in GPS the device can be used to capture the user’s location. On top of this the SoloProtect Go is also available with automatic incapacitation detection, in the event that a user becomes incapacitated, either by an unknown health issue or a slip, trip or fall. The device will detect movement consistent with a worker falling, and raise an Incapacitation Alarm with the SoloProtect Alarm Receiving Centre.

Along with all of this the SoloProtect Go is also equipped with the ‘Red Alert’ and ‘Amber Alert’ and ‘Device Check’ functions, synonymous with the SoloProtect ID device, and customers will also benefit from the same, great Customer Service and on-boarding process.

As you can see the SoloProtect Go may be small in size but it’s big on protection. We’re extremely proud of this product, however, it’s just the start of a long line of SoloProtect innovations that will transform the lone worker safety industry. We will continue to listen to our customers and strive to improve, and evolve, our solutions to ensure lone workers receive unsurpassed protection.

For more information on SoloProtect lone worker solutions please click here.

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