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Lone Worker Monitoring

Lone worker monitoring can be aided greatly if you're a lone worker using the SoloProtect Identicom device.

Lone Worker Monitoring

Lone worker monitoring is the practice of empowering and duly equipping employees in order to provide peace of mind and a secure working environment. Lone workers can be in danger of being exposed to risk due to aggression, hostility and/or physical conflict, certainly if they are away from someone who may be able to offer aid in the event of an emergency. Therefore, the continuous process of identifying and monitoring hazards, assessing risk and taking action to eliminate or reduce risk is an integral part of an organisation’s duty of care.

Lone worker monitoring can be aided greatly if you’re a lone worker using the SoloProtect Identicom device. Identicom is supported by a state of the art in-house Alarm Receiving Centre, (ARC), which is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year; the device is fully within the user’s control and through the discreet press of a button, an audio link is established and a qualified member of the team can listen to your situation and arrange for further escalation as necessary.

Lone working encompasses both social and environmental risk, it affects all industries, plus both full and part-time staff as well as employees at every level of an organisation. The SoloProtect Identicom device, paired with our elite ARC, provides a custom and simple way to monitor hostile situations. The SoloProtect lone worker solution is fully managed, BS8484 and EN50518 approved, and designed to give employers an easy and effective way to protect all types of lone worker - over 200,000 people now use Identicom as their preferred lone worker device.

Criminal legislation such as The Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007 relates specifically to a business deemed to be responsible for the death of an employee due to an aspect of, or failing within their processes or operations. If successfully prosecuted under a breach of Corporate Manslaughter legislation, an organisation can expect a fine of at least several hundred thousand pounds. Gross Negligence Manslaughter charges can also run concurrently alongside a Corporate Manslaughter investigation where individuals within the business are deemed to have a case to answer by the Crown.

Monitoring the safety of lone working staff is what we at SoloProtect do for a living. It is our passion and we focus hard on delivering the best possible service and response to your lone workers. In doing so we make lone working staff happier and feeling more secure and as a result they are more productive; knowing that they have SoloProtect at their call if ever needed, day or night.