The new lone worker safety app: SoloProtect Mobile:

SoloProtect Mobile is an updated lone worker app for Android and iOS users to improve their personal safety.

SoloProtect Mobile is an accessible, mobile application (app) for worker protection, for an organisation looking to give its workforce peace of mind and the reassurance of 24/7 monitoring support, whilst working alone or in remote areas.

A personal safety solution that is designed for ease of use, and flexibility for its end-users. Helping a lone worker to assess and reduce risks to their personal safety dynamically, with 24/7 support.

Deploying a personal safety application (or lone worker app) is a great way to equip mobile, remote or personnel working outside the sight or supervision of others.

Specifiers balancing a choice between a dedicated device or a lone worker app for Android and iOS users will typically address the risks to staff, the lone working role or responsibilities, and any other relevant factors that may affect the successful adoption of a personal safety solution.

Specifiers considering a lone worker app for their team often consider:

  • What are the risk profiles of the workers intending to use the safety app?
  • Can a lone worker use an application to effectively reduce risk?
  • Is this application supported by existing devices used by our workforce or does it require additional investment in hardware?
  • Is the personal safety application supported by the wider solution, to help effectively onboard, manage and support any lone worker(s) in the organisation?
  • Is an app a cost-effective way that allows a quick deployment to improve the safety of our workers?

SoloProtect Mobile has recently been updated and re-released for Android and iOS users, featuring a range of useful features to support a user.

As with all SoloProtect Lone Worker Solutions, SoloProtect Insights underpins its functionality with valuable support to the worker and a host of lone worker manager benefits supporting implementation and set up, ongoing management and insightful reporting dashboards.
Simple User Interface:

Accessible via a clear, stacked icon on the home page - users move between settings, features and information screens quickly and easily.

Lone Worker Information Screens:

Giving app users useful information as they go about their working day. Whether it is to store personal information, upcoming shift patterns or vehicle details – it is an easy reference.

Red Alert:

The link to 24/7 Monitoring Centre support, should a lone worker feel that their personal safety is threatened. Highly trained operators swiftly connect to and verify a ‘Red Alert’ to deliver the best possible response for the safety app user. Including liaising with the Emergency Services if needed.


A non-alarm feature that allows a user to leave useful information with the Monitoring Centre via voice message, for context in the event of a subsequent Red Alert. Information around activity, risk and location should typically be included by the solution user.


Another non-alarm feature, but this time a live link to the Monitoring Centre, purely to accompany a user that wants additional reassurance. This is not for a genuine Red Alert situation, but where a user would like a live link to operator support, as additional peace of mind.

Mass Notification System (Risk Messaging):

Allows a lone worker to receive messages from their manager, direct to the protection app, delivered by SoloProtect Insights. Whether to notify a team member of updated working plans, a tip to avoid a traffic hotspot or a specific notification of a genuine risk event – Insights can help keep mobile teams up to date, quickly and efficiently.

Supported Operating Systems:

SoloProtect Mobile is available for Android [1] and Apple [2] mobile phones and is available for download in Google Play and the App Store. Our lone worker application is supported on Android (5+) Apple iOS (8.1+) Operating Systems.

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