Lone Worker Security

SoloProtect's award-winning solutions can help your organisation monitor lone worker security and meet your duty of care to staff working alone.

Whilst working alone is perfectly legal, every company owes its staff a duty of care, and as a result of this, they must consider the risks to their employee’s safety.

Lone worker security is extremely important and failing to protect staff who work alone presents a serious business risk to an organisation - it can easily affect a business' cash position, its share price, perceived brand equity value, and its ability to attract the best staff and customers. Equipping your staff with a SoloProtect solution can significantly reduce your business risk.

The SoloProtect lone worker systems can help your organisation to monitor staff security and meet your duty of care commitments to staff working alone, therefore, dramatically reducing business risk and the potential for reputational brand damage.

Fully managed, BS 8484 and EN 50518 approved, and designed to give employers an easy and effective way to protect their staff and monitor lone worker security; over 365,000 workers have trusted SoloProtect lone worker device or mobile app technology to keep them safe.

The SoloProtect devices are supported by our Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), which has been designed to exceed the European standard for ARCs (EN 50518) and was the first dedicated lone worker ARC in Europe to receive accreditation against the standard, in November 2015.

BS 8484 (The British Standard for Lone Worker Device Services) is the benchmark for a credible lone worker security solution in the United Kingdom. It determines the category of police response an individual worker receives. A BS 8484-approved solution is escalated directly into the relevant control room - one level higher than a 999 call. It's a quicker process and a guaranteed level 1 police response for your workers, where appropriate.

Take a look at our blog: BS 8484 Lone Worker Standard explained.

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