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SoloProtect Insights - Alarm Analytics

Giving you a break down of your alarm data, at your fingertips.

SoloProtect Insights gives a lone worker solution administrator a clear and concise view on alarm activity, across their device estate. Alarm activity is often viewed in isolation in reaction to a particular event, but with Alarm Analytics, a SoloProtect customer can also access a broader data-set giving a window into wider trends and behaviour across a team.

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Using the Alarm Analytics dashboard, an administrator receives a visual breakdown of all recent alarm activity relating to their solution deployment - whether that's a Red Alert, or an Incapacitation Alarm.

It's also easy for a user to understand how many alarms are genuine versus false activations across their team(s). This enables an administrator to assess where additional support or user training may be required, or to quantify the scale of a problem that may be affecting successful implementation.

Should a lone worker manager need to dig deeper into the detail of an individual Red Alert, they can access Genuine Alarm Reports directly through SoloProtect Insights.

For group reporting a user can download or schedule reports on alarm activity across the group for departmental reporting or wider communication across an organisation.

Reports can be easily filtered to view genuine alarms by team, end-user, or device type to help analyse and compare any apparent trends.

SoloProtect Insights is available to all SoloProtect solution customers as standard. If you're a SoloProtect customer and you're not using Insights, please contact our Customer Service team.

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