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EN 50518 Compliant ARC Monitoring

The SoloProtect ARC . .

A state of the art Alarm Receiving Centre, unparalleled lone worker protection.

Suzy Lamplugh House is the home of SoloProtect. Our investment in an in-house Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) allows a significant leap forward in terms of the services we're able to deliver to SoloProtect customers.

By investing in a brand new, purpose-built ARC that meets new, more stringent European Standards, we believe we're taking lone worker protection to a whole new level. Both in terms of the quality of our infrastructure and staffing, but also with regards to the level of reporting customisation a SoloProtect customer can tap into.

Compliance with new UK and European standards - a lone worker first.

UK based Alarm Receiving Centres are currently certified against the British Standard, BS 5979, which is required to elicit a level one response from UK Police Forces to an incident. Now withdrawn and superseded, BS 5979, like similar standards in other European countries, is set to give way to a new, higher specification European standard, EN 50518. This new standard will include lone worker alarm response when it is republished in late 2018, and calls for higher grades of ARC construction and resilience from fire and attack.

Until the republication of EN 50518, the UK has an interim standard, BS 8591 which for many parts references EN 50518. SoloProtect has built its ARC to comply with both of these important, new standards; so as to ensure the best possible 24/7 monitoring for all SoloProtect customers, now and in the future.

In November 2015, SoloProtect was audited and approved against BS 8591 and EN 50518, making Suzy Lamplugh House the first dedicated lone worker ARC in Europe to be accredited against both standards. Rest assured that when your lone workers need help, we'll be able to provide the best possible response.

A faster, highly accurate dispatch to the Police.

The SoloProtect ARC uses the latest alarm handling technology, ensuring that audio alarms from a lone worker are presented to our operators quickly and efficiently. Every second counts in a genuine 'Red Alert' situation; so enabling a highly trained operator to listen to, assess, and record, the lone worker alarm as soon as possible is imperative.

A SoloProtect ARC Operator will remain focused on listening to the incident throughout its entirety in order to assess whether the severity level of the situation alters (up or down). Secondary tasks such as taking the lone worker's latest location via GPS, or listening to audio from earlier 'Amber Alert' messages, can be carried out in tandem, or by a 2nd ARC Operator ensuring total focus remains on the primary elements of the incident unfolding.

If a level one Police escalation is required, this is carried out at the push of a button utilising a Unique Reference Number (URN) issued by each Police Force in the UK, allowing SoloProtect to request a response directly to that regional Police control room - this is the most efficient way to request a response to a lone worker incident in the UK, and can speed up the process, compared to a 999 call for example, by several minutes.

Consistent, accurate and customised alarm handling, 24/7/365.

The SoloProtect ARC is manned by highly trained ARC Operators and Managers- we have over 75 years of relevant experience across the team, and all personnel are trained and equipped beyond the requirements outlined in EN 50518 and BS 8484.

The ARC operation allows SoloProtect to combine quality personnel with a state-of-the-art alarm monitoring facility, which allows us to develop bespoke, customised workflow-patterns, to suit the needs of your organisation. This results in a highly process-orientated, accurate, and consistent alarm handling experience.

The SoloProtect ARC will also be pioneering the use of techniques to allow our alarm handling platform to automatically message lone workers, or their managers, when it sees either a lack of, or unusual activity that suggests a lone worker may benefit from additional training or education. Our aim is to ensure your lone workers are frequent users of the solution you invest in.

Our goal is 100% uptime, but just in case...

Within the SoloProtect ARC at Suzy Lamplugh House, we've implemented a state of the art network of high availability, virtualised servers that eradicate any potential single point of failure- to a higher level than required in EN 50518. All components are monitored 24/7 in real-time.

If mains power into the ARC is lost for whatever reason, then a dual-feed, uninterruptible power supply (UPS) will instantly power all systems until our on-site generator takes over provision of the power until mains power is reconnected. In the event of a disaster situation, our Dual Redundancy (DR) site is under one hour away, and also equipped with a high availability, virtualised environment.

Our aim is to achieve zero downtime in the ARC, meaning a SoloProtect ARC Operator can maintain total support to your lone workers, with minimal disruption to 'Red Alert' handling, in the event that the worst occurs.