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Frequently Asked Questions

Things we get asked from time to time . .

How does the SoloProtect ID work?

The SoloProtect ID is supported by an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). Through the discreet press of the Red Alert button, an audio link is established. A qualified member of the team can listen to your situation and arrange for further escalation as necessary.

Which worker benefits most from a SoloProtect ID?

All types of workers without direct or close supervision can benefit from the device. Through the Incapacitation function, ID can detect trips and falls, while the discreet ID badge design allows the user to raise an alert in cases of abuse or attack without further aggravating the situation.

What happens in an emergency?

After a 'Red Alert' is raised, the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) initiates audio recording and delivers an appropriate response given the situation. Where appropriate, a priority response will be requested for a lone worker, in line with the accreditation sitting with the ARC. Additionally, the employer is notified appropriately.

How will I know that someone is listening to my 'Red Alert'?

When the 'Red Alert' is activated, the device vibrates at regular intervals, like a heartbeat. This is discreet and cannot be heard or felt by anyone else. You can be assured that the ARC is listening to your 'Red Alert'.

How often should I use my SoloProtect ID?

To maximise the benefits of the device, you should use the ID every working day. For best practice, we advise that you leave frequent 'Device Check’s' and 'Amber Alerts' throughout your working day.

How often do I have to charge my SoloProtect ID?

To ensure best practice and battery life, the SoloProtect ID should be charged before every use.

Are my 'Amber Alerts' listened to?

No, your 'Amber Alerts' are not listened to routinely. Only in the case of a 'Red Alert' are the 'Amber Alerts' accessed by the ARC to help locate you.

How do I know when to start talking during an 'Amber Alert'?

The amber LED light indicates when a connection to the ARC established and the recording can start. Therefore, when the light starts to flash you can start to speak. Once this light turns solid this indicates that you have ten seconds remaining; the light will vanish once the recording is over.

What happens if I get it wet?

The SoloProtect ID is not waterproof and should be kept away from water. Silicone cases are available to purchase to protect the device from light rain and splashes.

What happens if I have a problem?

We hope you will not encounter any problems with your SoloProtect ID, but should you come across any issues, please contact our friendly UK-based Customer Service team at Tel: 0114 399 6000 or email