Ideal for organisations with 10 users or more

The Gold package is a comprehensive solution offering for larger deployments of over ten solutions, that requires greater functionality for their end users, whilst delivering genuine value to their organisation, harnessed within SoloProtect Insights.

Building on core safety functionality, a choice of device form factors, and 24/7 monitoring provided by the SoloProtect Alarm Receiving Centre. The solution gives any end-users 4G connectivity, dust-proof and water resistant devices, incapacitation protection and access to SoloProtect Insights as standard.

In addition, there is a host of added features giving greater safety options for your users and greater oversight within SoloProtect Insights - helping to deliver operational value across your team.

Whether it to increase awareness of worker locations, to increase redeployment efficiencies across mobile teams, or to get a quick snapshot of who is available on shift - Gold gives a lone worker manager a powerful overview. 

For more information about deploying Gold in your organisation, please contact SoloProtect.

SoloProtect Alarm Receiving Centre
24/7 SoloProtect Monitoring
24/7 Alarm Monitoring supplied by SoloProtect's industry leading, Alarm Receiving Centre. BS 8484 & EN 50518.
Feature available with:
Connect + Silver Gold
SoloProtect Insights
Our customer portal and a tool for total lone worker / personal safety management.
An alert left at the Monitoring Centre detailing the user’s current location, situation, and status to aid the operator in dealing with any subsequent alerts.
Feature available with:
Connect + Silver Gold
Red Alert
A high priority, user-triggered alarm event, initiating immediate contact with the SoloProtect Monitoring Centre (or the nominated alarm contact where SoloProtect monitoring is not included) through a user's personal safety device.
Device Check
An automatic function, regularly initiated by the device. A device user can also manually complete for visual feedback on battery life, geolocation fix, and the cellular signal strength, as part of their dynamic risk assessment.
Customer Support
A UK-based Customer Support team, to advise on customer queries, available Monday - Friday, 8.00 am to 5.30 pm.
Extended Warranty (Option)
All SoloProtect personal safety devices come with a twelve month warranty as standard. Please talk to a member of our team if you would like to extend that as part of your package.
Incapacitation Alarm
Where the user is physically incapacitated – usually following a slip, trip, or fall - and the SoloProtect personal safety device detects the event, raising an automatic alarm. Default setting for Incapacitation Alarm is off, until turned on.
Feature available with:
Connect Connect + Gold
Latest Location
Shows the user’s latest known location, last Check-In, battery and signal strength, last communication and whether location is on or off.
Feature available with:
Connect Connect + Gold
Ready2Talk ®
A live 2-way voice call with the Alarm Receiving Centre that can be used in non-emergency situations where there is clear evidence of a risk e.g. climbing a high ladder in very bad weather.
Feature available with:
Connect + Gold
Monitoring Timer
A timer function for use when entering a low or proven ‘no signal’ area. An alarm is raised automatically on completion of the timer. Note: Monitoring Timer is currently unavailable on the mobile app.
Feature available with:
Risk Messaging
Mass notification system allowing managers to send risk messages to SoloProtect Mobile users, notifying them of a potential risk or existing incident that could affect their personal safety and/or their ability to do their job.
Feature available with:

All aspects of our lone worker safety solution are linked to SoloProtect Insights. The online platform can be accessed from any device, anywhere, and it’s pivotal to the ongoing management and success of a solution deployment.

SoloProtect Insights
Simple user onboarding and training

Easily allocate device or app licenses to users, manage escalation contacts, and access a range of training materials and videos.

SoloProtect Insights
Comprehensive automated reporting

Review a range of comprehensive usage and alarm reports, and request audio files from genuine incidents for legal or training purposes.

SoloProtect Insights
View “Latest Location” information

Access user location information to facilitate redeployment decisions or track the progress of work where location is a key indicator.

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