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Identicom Amber Alert

Contextual information that might help us find you quicker in the event of a genuine 'Red Alert'.

The Amber Alert function on Identicom is an extremely valuable tool to help a lone worker give background information about where they are, the activities being carried out, and any particular risks that are apparent.

Using a voice message facility by pressing the bottom, left button on the rear of Identicom (as highlighted above), a user can leave information that might help inform the Alarm Receiving Centre's response in the event of a Red Alert. As such, this information should always be current.

If requested, Amber Alerts can also be set-up on a timer basis where periodic snoozing of the device is required by a user.

Amber Alerts are only accessed by the Alarm Receiving Centre in the event of a genuine Red Alert - they are not listened to routinely.