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Mobile Workforce Management Solutions

Lone worker safety combined with comprehensive resource management

Mobile Workforce Management (MWM) is a comprehensive management tool for your lone workers. If you are equipping mobile workers with the SoloProtect ID or an Identicom mobile phone app, MWM could potentially revolutionise how you manage the team, allocate tasks or validate the completion of activities, either internally or for your customers.

Get vital information to improve the safety of staff, whilst creating a valuable audit trail. All at a reduction in the amount of time and costs associated by management to manually report on activities.

Any lone worker solution attached to Mobile Workforce Management enjoys a range of benefits.

Lone Workers are equipped with a ID or Identicom mobile and linked to MWM to create a community in line with their organisational structure.

All primary safety functions across both product types are available to users on either their SoloProtect ID or Identicom mobile app.

Lone Worker Managers access a range of reporting functions gained via data available from the GNSS functionality.

Lone Worker benefits:

• Peace of mind at all levels of an organisation
• Lone Workers are able to raise an alarm should they need assistance
• Clear lines of communication, and responsibilities for staff and management

In more detail:

Community based lone workers assigned with SoloProtect ID or a Android with Identicom mobile, will automatically be in communication with MWM - sending automatic updates regarding movements, their status, speed being travelled at etc.

Whilst, the product is not an application designed purely to track the movement of staff, functionality in MWM is driven by the GNSS data communicated by the SoloProtect ID and Identicom mobile. The purpose of MWM is to give any lone worker manager quick, accurate and automatic reporting on their lone workers.

This can be shared to help inform best practices, reduce the burden on monthly reporting, or perhaps just highlight any operational practices that need to be updated.

Benefits include:

Create locations on the platform - for area offices, delivery depots or customer meeting destinations

Apply Geofence rules to locations to get automatic updates on lone worker movements around a specified location - by entry/exit, time or day etc