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Our Promise to Your Lone Workers

A commitment to all SoloProtect Customers.

We want to help all of our customers ensure their lone workers are safe, whilst providing the best value for money lone worker solution to reflect their investment.


The fastest possible escalation for your lone workers.

In a genuine ‘Red Alert’ situation, every second counts for your lone worker. SoloProtect ensures a discreet alarm call is made immediately upon button press – connecting that call is our first priority (not all lone worker devices do this). We record, listen and assess, often within seconds, then escalate an incident appropriately. We keep you the employer, updated and provide a full, written report after the incident has been resolved.


We actively encourage the highest possible level of usage by your lone workers.

We promote every-day usage to our customers - we want SoloProtect to be an intrinsic part of your staffs' dynamic risk assessment, not just a button to press when a user is in trouble. We work with clients to promote regular usage of the solution - it's a fully inclusive service, so we support you to maximise the value of your investment. Lower cost solutions don't come with this level of support and so daily usage rarely happens, a waste of your money. 


A supporting cast of digital tools, processes and a passionate team, ensuring a class-leading customer experience.

Delivering a class-leading lone worker solution, to fit the needs of your organisation. Every client has access to a range of dedicated devices and applications to support the demands of your workforce, and our customer engagement tool, SoloProtect Insights. Whether you need a hands-on approach to getting set-up, comprehensive training options delivered direct to your team or accessible online, or to lean on our UK Customer Support team – we’ll deliver a flexible solution aimed at providing a great customer experience, clear and accessible reporting, high user-adoption, and a clear return on investment.