SoloProtect Mini² is a versatile solution that's perfect for workers with an active or outdoor role, providing comprehensive protection off-road or on-site.

Great personal safety, that won't get in the way:

Workers or active consumer lifestyles can rely on the M² to offer comprehensive protection whilst off-road or on-site.

An icon-driven, user interface makes it simple to use or explain to others, whilst also giving the device a modern feel that is engaging for device users.

The M² lone worker device is designed to deliver a great user experience, and class-leading performance with 4G cellular connectivity to deliver a 'Red Alert' to a SoloProtect Monitoring Centre, swiftly and effectively.

Available now, within our range of personal safety solutions.

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Red Alert
A 24/7 emergency alarm, designed to get help to your workers when they need it most.
Voice messages left by the device user containing valuable information about their location and activity.
Incapacitation Alert
The device will detect a slip, trip or fall (sometimes known as a "man down alarm").
Our specially trained operators will chaperone a worker when there's a clear safety risk.
Monitoring Timer
Provides comprehensive worker protection and peace of mind in low signal areas.
24/7 Monitoring
Provided by SoloProtect’s industry-leading Alarm Receiving Centre which is accredited to BS 8484 and EN 50518.
Latest Location
Monitor the location of workers to track progress, facilitate redeployment decisions, and identify efficiencies.
Device Check
A device user can easily check their battery life, geolocation fix, and cellular strength.
Privacy Toggle
Allows location sharing to be switched on or off in line with company policy.
Extremely discreet
Easily raise an alarm at the push of a button without breaking eye contact with an assailant.
4G LTE cellular connectivity
Your SoloProtect lone worker device will access 3G and 4G cellular networks to give you the best possible coverage.
User-friendly interface with colour screen
The colour-screen user interface is extremely easy to navigate, even in high-pressure situations.
Geolocation technology
Our devices are equipped with geolocation technology to ensure we can quickly pinpoint a user's location in an emergency.
Water and dust resistant
The device can be used inside and out, and will not be affected by the elements or dusty conditions.
Multiple accessories
Wear the device on a lanyard or clipped to your belt - the choice is yours.
Dependable battery life
The device battery will last for the duration of a working day or shift. We recommend regular charging, comparative to a mobile phone.

All aspects of our lone worker safety solution are linked to SoloProtect Insights. The online platform can be accessed from any device, anywhere, and it’s pivotal to the ongoing management and success of a solution deployment.

SoloProtect Insights
Simple user onboarding and training

Easily allocate device or app licenses to users, manage escalation contacts, and access a range of training materials and videos.

SoloProtect Insights
Comprehensive automated reporting

Review a range of comprehensive usage and alarm reports, and request audio files from genuine incidents for legal or training purposes.

SoloProtect Insights
View “Latest Location” information

Access user location information to facilitate redeployment decisions or track the progress of work where location is a key indicator.

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