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SoloProtect Lone Worker Mobile App

The BS8484 approved smartphone application for lone workers

'Home' page of Identicom mobile

SoloProtect Mobile is the BS8484 approved * lone worker app for your Android Phone. If you employ staff that work alone or face risk on a limited, or infrequent basis, this might be the best solution.

SoloProtect Mobile can be used to offer effective lone worker protection, but for a level of investment below the typical price threshold for a 'dedicated lone worker device', such as the SoloProtect ID or SoloProtect Go.

SoloProtect Mobile allows an organisation to provide lone workers with a Android app that enables them to access all the standard functionality employed on an Identicom - including Red Alert (24/7 link to Alarm Monitoring), Amber Alert (voice message sent through the app to the Alarm Receiving Centre), or the Status Check (gives the user feedback on device status and connectivity).

Don't be deceived by it's simplicity however. SoloProtect Mobile is also a highly scalable product offering that can give a lone worker and employer, a whole host of additional functionality when used in conjunction with a SoloProtect Solution, encompassing Mobile Workforce Management. 

The safety functions on Identicom mobile from SoloProtect

The application is easy to use and has a clear user interface allowing a user to switch from the homepage, to their safety functions at the push of a button. The application uses the touch-screen functionality available on handsets that are commonly available.

Whilst SoloProtect Mobile does not offer a user the same discreet use benefits that a SoloProtect ID does, it is simple to navigate and allows a 'Red Alert' to be opened through general navigation through the app, or through definable short-cut keys.

Who uses SoloProtect mobile?

Any worker carrying a Android Phone is a potential user, some employees who may benefit from the app are:

  • Sales representatives, business development personnel
  • Senior executives, Company Director's or board members who face risk very infrequently, but who travel regularly, possibly internationally.

  • Community based personnel that don't require either discreet wear or usage of a lone worker solution.
  • Delivery or logistics personnel that are not entering homes or visiting remote locations.
  • Mobile workers that are not required to carry identification, but may be using GPS monitored handsets.

Where can I download SoloProtect Mobile?

SoloProtect Mobile is available only on Android formats.

If you require access to the application - either as part of a paid trial or to sign up for 12, 24 or 36 month contract - please Contact Us to arrange.

Identicom mobile users with SoloProtect

* SoloProtect only offer BS8484:2016 lone worker solutions to customers, and deem solutions outside the Code of Practice, as not fit for purpose. As a result, SoloProtect Mobile is currently only available on Android operating system devices.'