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SoloProtect Solution Elements

What you get as part of your monthly solution from SoloProtect.

Any SoloProtect solution is an inclusive service for a fixed monthly fee. No extras, connection fees or surprises - for a comprehensive, BS 8484:2016 approved, market leading lone worker solution. Read on for further information on what we offer.

SoloProtect ID lone worker device:

SoloProtect ID, as with its predecessors, is designed as and identify card holder in order to be discreet and easy to use and wear. In terms of appearance only the device colour is the clear noticeable difference, with the ID being a charcoal grey rather than the blue of the Identicom.

Its functionality is where the device demonstrates an improvement on previous models. SoloProtect ID is the first, dedicated lone worker device, to utilise both GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) and A-GNSS (Assisted GNSS) technology. This enables the device to obtain a quicker Time To First Fix (TTFF) in order to obtain a location, whilst improving accuracy and reliability as a worker moves between a series of different environments.

The ID device still maintains its scalable mix of functionality to suit the needs of the lone worker. We can amend pre-alert timings and update the devices configurations remotely. To prevent disruption and avoid lone workers being without a device all configuration and firmware updates are completed ‘Over the Air’ (OTA) when a device is on charge.

State of the art 24/7 Alarm Receiving Centre Support:

2015 saw SoloProtect invest in a BS 8591 & EN 50518 accredited, in house, Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). Not only does the BS 8591 & EN 50518 accreditation deliver a high-spec and robust environment for the long term, it also ensures the alarm-handling component of your lone worker solution, is able to request a priority-level Police response in the United Kingdom, on your employees’ behalf where necessary.

The ARC is staffed 24/7 with a number of highly trained, and experienced operators who specialise in lone worker alarm handling. The resource is a key part of SoloProtect’s BS 8484:2016 approved, lone worker solution. Whether you have staff working typical hours, overnight or weekends - if they open a 'Red Alert' via their SoloProtect ID, our Operators will be listening in. Alarm Operators only handle lone worker alarms, and they treat all as genuine, until proven otherwise.

Investing in the SoloProtect ARC has afforded the business greater control and flexibility over our internal systems, infrastructure and the resulting service experience delivered to customers. New, internal systems have also enabled the reporting of improved management information from a solution.

For further information visit -

Training for your lone workers:

We provide training to all device users - whether that is via face to face sessions, telephone or through our online training portal. Alternatively, we can train your internal trainers or managers via one of our 'Train the Trainer' sessions. Your trainers will then be able to cascade the information throughout your organisation to your lone worker end users. Whatever your needs we’ll try and be as flexible as possible to suit these.

For more information please visit the training page or contact 

SoloProtect Client Portal:

The SoloProtect Client Portal allows you instant access to make changes to the structure of your lone worker solution. The Portal is available to access 24/7 with any changes being made live to the ARC within minutes.

The Portal offers an array of options to assist you in managing your lone worker solution, for further information on these options please visit

Monthly reporting as standard:

Every SoloProtect solution customer gets a monthly report outlining the utilisation of devices or phone-applications across their team. This can be used to easily highlight areas of best practice, pockets of low usage and where additional training support might be beneficiary