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The SoloProtect ID Device Check

A key part of your dynamic risk assessment.

*Please be aware this page will soon be unavailable. For information on all the core functions of the SoloProtect ID visit our new page here.

The 'Device Check' function on the SoloProtect ID, is designed to give a lone worker the necessary reassurance that they can rely on their ID device prior to entering a given situation, premises or meeting.

By pushing the top, left button on the rear of the SoloProtect ID (as shown above), the device will display the battery life and mobile network signal, using relevant symbols and a traffic light system on the LCD screen.

Performing regular 'Device Checks' will also utilize the GNSS and A-GNSS functionality on the SoloProtect ID.

If a lone worker's SoloProtect ID does not have sufficient battery life or signal strength, this must form part of their dynamic risk as to whether that worker is going to enter a situation or look to make an alternative choice.