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SoloProtect ID Red Alert

The core function of the SoloProtect ID

Please be aware this page will soon be unavailable. For information on all the core functions of the SoloProtect ID visit our new page here.

The 'Red Alert' function on the SoloProtect ID is a 24/7/365 facility for a lone worker feeling in distress, in danger or if injured or seriously ill.

Designed to give peace of mind should the worst occur, the 'Red Alert' function carries out the following:

  • All captured audio is monitored and recorded, for future use if necessary (admissible evidence in court proceedings etc).
  • A trained ARC Operator, dedicated to lone working, will establish the appropriate response in line with the situation, and escalate accordingly.
  • Employer escalation contacts are notified.

All audio from genuine 'Red Alerts' is stored for a minimum of two years.

A 'Red Alert' is opened simply by pushing the large button on the back of the SoloProtect ID, as highlighted above.