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Lone Worker Systems

SoloProtect's lone worker system, (Identicom), remains by far the most commonly used in the UK.


Lone Worker Systems

The award winning SoloProtect Identicom device is the most widely of its kind in the UK and has a growing international presence with more than 200,000 in use worldwide. Uniquely styled as an ID badge, Identicom is easy to wear and discreet to use. Equipped with GPS and Auto 'Man Down' (incapacitation), it is the ideal device for lone workers facing potential social and environmental risk.

At its core, the Identicom serves as a wireless ID badge that, once activated by the user, creates an audio call to our elite, EN50518 accredited, Alarm Receiving Centre.

SoloProtect’s lone worker system, (Identicom), remains by far the most commonly used in the NHS. Its ID badge form factor has always been popular in the sector, and that is emphasized by the fact that it remains three times more popularly used than other devices in the NHS, with nearly 40% of NHS lone worker device users, having an Identicom.

As an industry leader, SoloProtect appreciate that lone worker safety is a diverse topic with more to consider than just the specifics of a device-based solution. Therefore, we suggest clients have an up-to-date lone worker policy that makes it clear that staff can utilise a lone worker system to assist their dynamic risk assessment.

In addition, for people with a different risk profile, Identicom mobile is a lone worker app that utilises a lone worker's smart-phone to give them a BS8484 approved solution without the need to deploy a dedicated lone worker device such as Identicom.

SoloProtect is available to purchase across a range of contract lengths to suit your business. Solution trials are also available for a limited time period in order to give greater flexibility in order to find the best fit for your lone workers.