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ACS Crime Report 2018

Latest ACS Crime Report shows rise in number of violent incidents within the sector.

The latest crime report provided by the Association of Convenience Stores (ACS) highlighted some concerning statistics, including:

  • Crime cost the sector an estimated £193m.
  • It’s estimated that 13,437 incidents of violence occurred last year, compared with 9,430 incidents reported in the previous years’ findings.
  • 72% of staff in convenience stores have experienced verbal abuse.
  • Violence against staff was the number one concern of Retailers.
  • 39% of violent incidents result in injury.

Many convenience store workers will spend a great deal of time working alone, or without direct supervision, making the store an ideal target for opportunist criminals. The report found that the total cost of shop theft amounted to £1,739 per store, with robbery and burglary costing the sector a combined total of £38 million.

The report also found that challenging shop thieves, enforcing an age restricted sales policy, and refusing to serve intoxicated customers, were the main cause of aggressive or abusive behaviour towards staff. Should any of these situations occur, the risk of injury towards a lone working staff member is surely heightened?

For more a more in-depth view of the ACS Crime Report, and advice on how to better manage your store again crime, please visit here.

Article Published 25.4.2018