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Affinity Sutton see value and transparency of SoloProtect

Housing Association choose SoloProtect after undertaking a rigorous selection process for their lone workers

With a rapidly growing lone worker safety market in the UK, it can be difficult for organisations who want to invest in their employees safety to know which is the best solution to choose. All businesses will vary in their requirements, but questions to consider when choosing the right service will be;

  • Is the lone worker device easy to use?
  • Is this lone worker solution the best all-round solution for our needs?
  • Is this solution value for money?
  • Are service costs transparent and all-inclusive?
  • Does this lone worker solution have extra benefits, such as customer service, training and lone worker reporting?

In the UK, a variety of solutions are now BS8484 compliant, potentially making it even more difficult to choose between a range of credible solutions. Affinity Sutton, a leading provider of affordable homes in England, faced this difficulty when considering a solution but chose Connexion2’s SoloProtect over other providers after recognising the need to improve on their original lone worker system. Before choosing SoloProtect, Affinity Sutton employees were using a device they found hard to use and prone to giving false alarms, resulting in poor feedback from staff.

Now, 275 Housing Officers, Housing Managers and Support Housing Officers at Affinity Sutton have been using the Identicom 8 series since December 2013 with record levels of over 90 per cent customer satisfaction in a recent Affinity Sutton staff survey.

Whilst seeking out a lone worker provider, the Housing Association’s senior management team invited Connexion2 to present SoloProtect and were immediately impressed with both Connexion2’s experience as a manufacturer, and the benefits of the SoloProtect Solution. The transparent costs, along with the day-to-day administration, support and customer service, appealed to Affinity Sutton.

Paul Johnston, Head of Health, Safety and Fire at Affinity Sutton Housing, said: “The all-inclusive pricing structure of SoloProtect, with the more transparent and lower costs, such as training and monthly administration, were a major deciding factor when we chose SoloProtect over other lone worker solution providers. The Identicom device, which is discreetly designed and easy to use, helps give peace of mind to our staff and helps minimise their safety risks while working alone.”

Identicom, the UK’s most widely used dedicated lone worker device, is designed to look and feel like a standard identity badge but is actually a GSM communications device with ‘Man Down’ and GPS functionality. It is easy to wear on a lanyard or lapel clip, allowing a user to discreetly raise an alarm if they ever feel unsafe or threatened. The all-inclusive SoloProtect package includes free device training; a dedicated UK based customer service team, monthly reporting, SIM card and mobile network usage fees, as well as Identicom.

Identicom is BS8484 accredited, the UK industry standard, which guarantees a ‘Level One – Priority’ response where appropriate and is currently the most efficient way to obtain a Police response for a lone worker in the UK. The Identicom device, which has been accredited by the UK’s Association of Chief Police Officers and was the first to achieve ACPO’s ‘Secured by Design’ status, also includes configurable two-way audio, plus the ability to leave voice messages and get feedback on signal strength and battery life.

*GPS enabled devices only.

For more information about who else uses SoloProtect, please see our Case Studies.


Article Published 5.2.2015