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CIVEA announces new code of practice for Bailiffs

Association members sign up to calls for improved supervision, and Justice Select Committee recommendations, including mandatory Body Worn Video

All members of the Civil Enforcement Association (CIVEA) are signing up to a new Code of Practice for Enforcement, borne out of calls for improved supervision and better accountability with regards to Enforcement Agent (or Bailiff) activity.

The code sees major reform in the civil enforcement sector, and will be independently monitored by the Compliance, Adjudication and Review Panel (CARE).

CIVEA membership represents around 90% of firms employing Enforcement Agents in England and Wales. There are approximately 2000 certified enforcement agents that recover over £650 million of unpaid taxes and fines each year.

The industry has been subject to increasing comment and concern in recent years - both around the conduct of some Enforcement Agents, and regulation across the industry generally. Some of which was previously discussed in a SoloProtect Lone Worker blog - "There's somebody at the door", Nov 2018.

As a result, recommendations from the Justice Select Committee take proactive steps to build on the current industry code of practice, and drive a number of requirements from any association member, including:

  • Adoption of revised Code of Practice

  • Establishment of independent Compliance, Adjudication and Review Panel

  • Appointment of independent Code auditor

  • Mandatory use of Body Worn Video technology

  • Referral of eligible complaints to the Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman

For more information, please visit The Civil Enforcement Association website.

For more information about Body Worn Video from SoloProtect.

Source, CIVEA Code of Practice for Enforcement


Article Published 27.9.2019