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Domino's Pizza choose Identicom to protect their lone workers

The UK's top pizza delivery company has underlined its commitment to employees by using the market-leading Identicom device as part of a health and safety initiative to protect staff working alone.

Domino's Pizza UK and Ireland Ltd. has adopted Identicom through SoloProtect and have been supplied with 150 Identicom 877 series devices, which are personally issued to all their Supply Chain delivery drivers.

Identicom is the leading communication device for lone workers in the UK. It is manufactured by Connexion2 and remains a central part of the SoloProtect lone worker solution.

Identicom is designed to look and feel like a standard identity card and is wearable, ensuring it is close to hand and discreet to use. It offers protection by helping staff who work alone to capture verbal abuse and raise an alarm, or if taken ill suddenly, helping employers to meet their duty of care.

The Domino’s health and safety team chose the Identicom device and SoloProtect solution above other lone worker market solutions after a consultation process with their delivery drivers, who sighted the devices discrete look and ease of use as major draws.

This coupled with the BS8484 accreditation and SoloProtect’s in-house customer service support has seen the company using the devices since the start of 2013.

Shaun Hobbs, Transport Planning Assistant at Domino’s, said: "As a driver delivering to our stores at all times of the day and night, you can sometimes encounter situations that can leave you feeling isolated and alone.

The Identicom gives us peace of mind that if a situation does arise there is always someone there ready to listen, monitoring our safety and wellbeing, and escalating any situation to the emergency services as appropriate".

Domino’s, which has over 860 stores mainly in the UK, is now consulting with its Franchise community to see how the Identicom device will assist with the safety of their delivery drivers.

Identicom allows users to discreetly raise a ‘Red Alert’ if they ever feel unsafe or if their safety is compromised.

The alert goes through to an approved Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) where a dedicated member of the lone worker team can listen to and assess the situation and escalate to Police if necessary. The Identicom 877 series also includes configurable two-way audio, multi-function buttons to aid with job orientated tasks plus the ability to leave voice messages and get feedback on signal strength and battery life.

Connexion2 supply solutions direct to market through SoloProtect. The SoloProtect solution is fully compliant with the updated BS8484 (the British standard for Lone Worker Device Services) and is currently the most efficient way to obtain a Police response in the UK, one level above a 999 call. The solution includes the Identicom device, inclusive billing, 24/7 monitoring, SIM card, mobile network usage, device training and monthly reporting.

As well as Identicom, Identicom Mobile and Mobile Workforce Management is also available through SoloProtect.

Article Published 4.6.2014