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Estate Agency protects staff with Identicom

Bolton based estate agent, The Purple Property Shop, has taken the decision to reduce the potential impact of anti-social behaviour towards staff by utilising Connexion2's Identicom lone worker device across its workforce.

Identicom remains the most widely-used dedicated communication device for lone working personnel in the U.K. The device is styled like an ordinary ID badge for discretion and ease of use, and was the first device of its kind to be awarded 'Secured by Design' status by ACPO (Association of Chief Police Officers for England, Wales and Northern Ireland).

The Purple Property Shop has purchased Identicom as part of a fully managed lone worker solution from Connexion2, called SoloProtect. The solution allows an easy integration of devices into the business whilst including all of the services required to support Identicom, including 24/7 Alarm Monitoring Support, SIM Card and mobile network usage, device training, monthly reporting and a dedicated Customer Support team on hand at Connexion2. The SoloProtect solution is used by thousands of lone workers across the U.K. and remains BS8484 accredited, ensuring a lone worker can be guaranteed a Police escalation, one level higher than a 999 call where a situation requires it.

The Purple Property Shop is an independent residential estate agency. Established two years ago and already the winner of three prestigious awards, the agency has grown quickly through its quality of marketing and first-class service to become the third largest estate agency in Bolton. Employing a staff of four negotiators, The Purple Property Shop manages property sales and lettings for clients in Bolton, Bury, Manchester, Ramsbottom, Rochdale, Westhoughton and Wigan.

Previously The Purple Property Shop had used mobile and landline phones to confirm their whereabouts and safety but as the estate agency grew, Managing Director, Matthew Jones, felt the company needed a robust and discreet lone worker device. Now Identicom, together with on-going support from Connexion2, provides the basis for a strong lone worker solution.

"Identicom was recommended to me by a member of my Business Networking Group and, as my staff often have to meet strangers in empty buildings, I realise they could potentially be vulnerable to verbal or physical abuse", says Matthews Jones. "I am very happy with the Identicom device, which provides me with the ability to monitor return on investment through the monthly reports I receive and peace of mind in knowing that should my staff enter a conflict situation, they have the means to raise an alarm."

Now staff at The Purple Property Shop can use several key functions of Identicom as part of their dynamic risk assessment when lone working. Upon commencing a new appointment, a user can leave a quick 20-second voicemail through the device in order to note their location, visitor details and any known risk - this is called an 'Amber Alert'. A user can also perform a 'Status Check' through the device at any time prior to, or during lone working periods in order to get feedback on the battery life and network signal strength on the device. In the event of a user requiring assistance or feeling their safety could be compromised, the lone worker can open a 'Red Alert', upon which an audio call from Identicom to the Alarm Receiving Centre is made. This allows valuable audio evidence to be assessed for appropriate escalation and recorded for future use as required.

Article Published 9.2.2013