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SoloProtect ID Pro short-listed for Safety & Health Excellence Awards 2019

New lone worker device shortlisted for Innovation in Security award category

The SoloProtect ID Pro has been listed as a finalist in the 'Innovation in Security' category for the 2019, Safety & Health Excellence Awards. The awards, which take place on April 10 2019, are a key part of the Health & Safety Event taking place April 9 - 11 at the NEC in Birmingham.

SoloProtect is the international lone worker company, delivering lone worker technology to improve the safety of mobile and remote employees, since 2003. The company, which celebrated its 15 year anniversary in December 2018, now supplies solutions to end-user customers in the UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, US, Canada and New Zealand.

The ID Pro was announced to market in June 2018 and is a Body Worn Video (BWV) equipped lone worker device. The BWV facility within the device is enabled during the 'Red Alert', so directly available in-line with the worker's dynamic risk assessment, or in light of a specific risk being faced.

The 'Red Alert' is a 24/7 link to SoloProtect alarm monitoring, available to a lone worker believing their personal safety could be compromised. During such an alarm call, the ID Pro will send audio and stream video into the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), to enable verification to take place and inform the best possible response for the lone worker.

The fact that the device isn't recording continuously means the ID Pro can be smaller, with a discreet identity-badge form-factor *. A key benefit of the device is that body worn Video verification can dramatically reduce the amount of time spent by an ARC Operator in order to fully determine the nature of an incident.

The device is also equipped with Risk Messaging functionality - allowing a user to receive standard or bespoke, on-device messages relevant to their daily work activities, or something more specific to their location. This is managed easily and effectively through SoloProtect Insights, our lone worker portal.

In addition, the SoloProtect ID Pro is also enabled to harness Indoor Location technology - specifically Bluetooth Beacons. This gives an alarm handling operator, an indication of location within a large sprawling, structure, or in a scenario where a worker could be located between one of several buildings, at a single site address. With ID Pro, the operator is quickly able to establish the closest beacon to the lone worker's proximity.

The Health & Safety Event is a useful networking event, and well worth a visit for anyone responsible for health and safety in the workplace - and SoloProtect will be located on Stand K60. It also co-locates with The Fire Safety Event, The Security Event and the Facilities Event.

* Body Worn Video (BWV) functionality on the ID Pro is optional.

Article Published 22.2.2019