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It's getting dark

Don't let the change of season catch you out!

You can hardly have missed the UK weather changing in the last couple of weeks. Incredibly, we're already into another Autumn, and suddenly some of us might start to think twice about crossing that dimly lit street, or how we feel when working alone.

The stats don't lie either - infact, the HSE offers advice to help reduce the inevitable impact from worsening conditions during the winter months.

It's getting dark - what about our lone workers?

A SoloProtect lone worker solution can be deployed with automatic 'Incapacitation Alarm' technology. Detecting tilt and non-movement, our Identicom device will connect an injured lone worker with our in-house, 24/7 Alarm Receiving Centre.

If a lone worker is instead, a victim of verbal abuse or assault, they can also raise a 'Red Alert' discreetly, via a single button-press on the back of their ID badge, giving them the same support.

SoloProtect UK Managing Director discusses some of the reasons clients look again at lone worker protection, at this time of year, in the above video.

For more information on how SoloProtect could reduce risk to your lone workers, please Contact SoloProtect.

Article Published 26.10.2016