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Knife-attack Hero Visits Suzy Lamplugh House

This week Mark Watts paid a visit to SoloProtect HQ, Suzy Lamplugh House, to experience what it's like to be on the other end of the ID badge.

Mark, a 25-year-old Carpenter employed by WM Housing Group, and a lone worker using a SoloProtect Identicom device, saved the life of a knife-attack victim as he drove home after an out of hours call out. His bravery, and intervention into the aftermath of a violent situation, saw him gain recognition from the West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner, when he was awarded an Outstanding Citizen Award for Bravery.

Mark, and Lizzie Fraser, WM Housing Health and Safety Advisor, took a tour of the 24/7/365, EN50518 compliant, state of the art Alarm Receiving Centre. The SoloProtect ARC uses the latest alarm handling technology, ensuring that audio alarms from a lone worker are presented to operators quickly and efficiently. Every second counts in a genuine 'Red Alert' situation; so enabling a swift connection to a highly trained operator who listens to, assesses, and records the lone worker alarm as soon as possible is imperative in a genuine ‘Red Alert’ situation.

WM Housing are an excellent example of a company taking the duty of care to their employees seriously. Along with their SoloProtect lone worker solution they provide additional support and training in conflict management, in order to provide their workers with the necessary skills to deal with difficult situations appropriately.

Mark is one of close to 500 lone workers at WM Housing Group, using a SoloProtect, 24/7 alarm supported solution, featuring Identicom - a discreet ID badge communications device to support any worker in distress, or on the receiving end of verbal abuse, aggression or incapacitation.

Mark is clearly happy with his identicom device and he claims it gives him peace of mind and it’s now an important part of his daily routine.

‘I never leave the house without it, it’s as important to me as my tool kit’.

Craig Swallow, SoloProtect Managing Director, was pleased Mark took some time out to visit Suzy Lamplugh House.

‘It’s great to finally meet Mark, we’re delighted he was able to stay calm, and use his SoloProtect device to support his safety exactly as it was intended. It’s very rare I get to discuss, in any great depth, the positive impact SoloProtect is having on lone workers; this is due in part to data protection, our respect for a customer’s sensitive information and of course the nature of the industry. Mark’s quick reactions and the support he received from his SoloProtect Identicom badge have almost certainly saved someone’s life.’

Read more about Mark's Outstanding Citizen Award for Bravery here.


Article Published 20.10.2016