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Identicom chosen to protect lone workers at Raglan Housing

Lone worker device to protect lone workers at Raglan Housing

Reading based Raglan Housing has purchased 70 of the market-leading Identicom lone worker devices, manufactured by Connexion2 to help protect over 100 lone workers.

Raglan Housing first conducted a short trial of the 8 Series Identicom devices at the end of 2012 and later purchased 70 877 lone worker devices at the beginning of 2013. The devices, purchased through Connexion2's fully managed SoloProtect solution, help to protect Surveyors, Housing Officers, Project Workers and Support Workers throughout the organisation.

The Identicom 877 devices benefit from a range of features including the ability to easily and discreetly raise a ‘Red Alert' if a user feels their safety has been compromised through a single button press. The devices also include functionality such as configurable two-way audio, multi-function buttons to aid with job orientated tasks plus the ability to conduct a ‘Status Check' and leave an ‘Amber Alert'.

Raglan Housing owns and manages over 12,000 homes in almost 100 local authorities in England. The organisation
addresses a variety of housing needs in city, urban and rural areas, continuing their commitment to housing for
disabled people and a range of supported housing schemes, including sheltered housing and refuges to vulnerable

The SoloProtect solution managed by Connexion2 is the leading lone worker safety solution and includes the Identicom device, 24/7 manned monitoring, SIM card and mobile network usage, training and monthly reporting as standard.

SoloProtect is fully compliant with the British Standard for Lone Worker Device Services, BS8484:2011, ensuring the

most efficient way to elicit a Police response in the U.K.
Raglan Housing Identicom users are able to raise a 'Red Alert' through discreetly pressing the large central button on the back of the device, opening a direct link to the Alarm Receiving Centre who then listen in and escalate to the Police where necessary.

Users can also conduct regular 'Status Checks' to display the Identicom device's battery and signal strength, and leave 'Amber Alerts' outlining any perceived risks regarding the situation they are about to enter.

"The Identicom lone worker device was chosen after a short and successful trial with SoloProtect. The trial proved
how easy the device was to use and how simple it was to integrate into users daily routines. The device has increased confidence amongst users and managers when staff are working alone, knowing a Police response is just a button press away." David Hall, Regional Director, Raglan Housing.

Article Published 1.2.2014