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Run Geordie Run kept safe on epic journey with Identicom

A fundraising hero who took on an epic Australian running challenge has been kept safe by a device developed by a UK firm Connexion2 to protect lone workers.

The Identicom lone worker device was worn by charity runner Mark Allison aka “Run Geordie Run” throughout his coast-to-coast journey covering an amazing 2,383-miles.

The Newcastle man has credited the Identicom with making him feel safer as he endured baking heat, flies, terrifying storms and aching feet to complete the 82 day, 2,383 mile journey.

The 42-year-old used his device while running across the country in 2013, raising more than £50,000 for the Sir Bobby Robson Foundation and the Children’s Foundation charity.

Lone worker specialist Connexion2 supplies Identicom , a discreetly styled Identity badge which allows a lone worker to activate a ‘Red Alert’ by pressing the button on the back of the device if a worker is at risk of verbal abuse or attack.

The alert is then sent back to an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), which can monitor the situation through audio, and operators can, if necessary, dial directly into a police control room. Identicom, which has BS8484 accreditation as part of the SoloProtect solution, also has a sensor and two-way audio which can detect and monitor ‘Man Down’ situations if a lone worker slips, trips or falls.

Through the SoloProtect Solution, the device comes with training, in-house customer service, network usage and monthly reporting.

Organisations and businesses with employees who work alone can be protected through Identicom and the SoloProtect service, which will help protect lone workers, improve workplace efficiency and communication, drive  productivity and lead to a much safer and more connected workforce.

Mark, who began his run in Perth on October 16 and finished on January 5 at Shellharbour, said: “I felt greatly reassured and much safer with the Identicom device with me.

I particularly found the ‘Man Down’ feature beneficial, and with the emergency services some distance away and travelling in such remote areas, it was great having this, not only in case of an emergency, but also to leave quick Amber Alert messages of descriptions of where was at the time.

The device is also very light and easy to use, and most of the time I hardly noticed it was there.”

Connexion2 has sold more than 120,000 Identicom devices worldwide since the company started in 2003.

It provides lone worker devices to a number of organisation including the NHS, Travelodge and BSkyB.

The device Mark used was linked to Connexion2’s Mobile Workforce Management (MWM).

The workforce managment portal encourages two-way communication from managers to lone workers. It has a number of features designed to make the reporting of lone workers quicker, easier and more transparent to those at every level in an

Speaking about Mark‘s completed journey, Craig Swallow, Managing Director of Connexion2, said: “We are delighted Mark has completed his extraordinary challenge for such a worthwhile cause and are particularly pleased to have helped keep Mark safe, as well as being kept updated on his progress through GPS data.”

Mark, who ran an average of 40 miles a day during the heat of an Australian summer, has previously completed a 3,100
mile run from California to New York raising £105,000 for good causes.

He added: “I have been doing this for 20 years,
and think I have another 20 years still in me to fundraise and run, so watch this space.”

Article Published 10.4.2014