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September release sees SoloProtect Insights update

SoloProtect Insights will see an updated release in September as several tweaks to further optimise user-experience are set to go live within the system.

Insights is a lone worker portal designed to deliver more for the customer deploying a SoloProtect solution, and went live in 2017.

SoloProtect is the international lone worker provider, continuing to deliver solutions to customers across the UK, US and a number of European countries including The Netherlands, Germany, France and Spain.

The company developed the Insights portal to help customers assess, deliver and convey a solution’s value to an employer, and to empower the devolution of admin responsibility, beyond a single person or team, driving the case for successful adoption, good utilisation, and a tangible return on any investment made.

SoloProtect Insights gives on-boarding and training support, powerful management information, and hands-on access across device management that can be tailored by job role - Insights saves a deploying organisation time and resource, and is included as standard, with all SoloProtect lone worker solutions.

The latest Insights release, current release date scheduled for 03.09.19 (target date), focuses on increasing the ease of use and impact around some of the existing features of the platform.

Specifically, a number of additions have been made:

1) Reporting -

• Expanding the functionality around reporting – giving users the ability to assign group names, or other identifiers such as cost codes to analytic reporting and exports. Giving the customer management information that is more manageable, and easily segmented as needed.

2) Performance and Usability -

• Increasing pagination options to allow users to move through group data, quickly and efficiently.

• The addition of filters – allowing even quicker segmentation, and optimising site performance to save time where a customer is reviewing an large device deployment

3) Alarm notifications -

• Account administrators will now be included on all notifications relating to Red Alerts relating to their accounts. (This can simply be turned off if not required)

Features of the update are explained in more detail in release notes available within SoloProtect Insights. Release notes will be live and located under the 'Announcements' section, from the date of release.

If you require more information, please contact your SoloProtect account representative.

Article Published 21.8.2019