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SoloProtect announces forthcoming Insights update

New features scheduled for release within the platform on 26th Feb 2019

International lone worker company, SoloProtect, has announced a forthcoming update to its SoloProtect Insights product, including several new additions to help improve user experience, and to further assist solution administrators.

Insights remains a unique customer portal – tailored to support those responsible for deploying the SoloProtect lone worker solution. The product was launched in 2017 and remains a key part of all lone worker solutions available from SoloProtect.

SoloProtect Insights assists solution roll-out and streamlines the onboarding process - making profile completion, device allocation and end-user training, simple and efficient. Worker groups and escalation details in Insights can be arranged to reflect the structure of a customer organisation, including allowing for access and permissions levels set to be reflected accurately within the portal.

This latest version release, set to be delivered on 26th February 2019, makes several improvements, all of which are listed in more detail in release notes available within SoloProtect Insights, from the date of release. Release notes will be located under the 'Announcements' section, which will be available from the Dashboard ('Announcements' was previously named 'Notifications', but is updated in name as part of the same release on 26/02/19).

Three key areas to highlight are:


The ability to edit target usage for a group or a device

Target usage levels can now be applied to a team, or single device – meaning a manager can now set an appropriate or required usage level to be carried out by their team. This relates to activity reported by their given lone worker device.

The ability to add default escalation lists

Potentially a huge time saver for the lone worker manager – the ability to apply an existing escalation list across multiple groups, without having to manually create each time.

The addition of an export button for users and escalation lists

If you need to dig into the details of your team or escalation lists, slice data for reporting or sharing across the wider organisation – Insights now allows authorised manager users to export data, quickly and easily.


If you would like more information about how Insights could benefit your organisation as part of a BS 8484 accredited lone worker solution, please contact SoloProtect.

Article Published 12.2.2019