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SoloProtect audited and approved against Cyber Essentials Plus:

Government-backed scheme approval helps organisations protect against cyber threats

Lone Worker Security company, SoloProtect, has been audited and approved against the government-backed ‘Cyber Essentials Plus’ scheme. The accreditation, which is industry supported, was introduced to help organisations be better equipped against the threat of cyber-attack, and to provide all businesses with clarity on good cyber security practice generally.

The threat of cyber-attacks has seen serious implications in recent years, particularly for small businesses. Earlier in 2016, The Guardian reported that nearly three-quarters of Small Organisations reported a security breach in 2015. Conversely, cyber-attack is also a serious issue for Large Organisations, with the Information Security Breaches Survey 2015 stating ‘the average cost of the most severe online security breaches for big business now starts at £1.46 million’.

Accreditation against the scheme is tested and verified by an external certifying body, using a range of tools and techniques to ensure processes are robust in the event of a business being a targeted for cyber-attack. SoloProtect was successfully approved against the scheme in October 2016.

In 2015, SoloProtect opened a brand new, purpose built Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) at its Sheffield Head Office. The ARC, which is manned 24/7/365, is responsible for tens of thousands of lone worker devices each day. Any lone worker alarms activated, result in an audio call being placed to the ARC. The call is then promptly assigned to an ARC Operator for verification upon which, an appropriate escalation for the lone worker situation is selected. The ARC is accredited to the European Standard EN50518, and allows an operator to request a Level One Police response, where appropriate, on behalf of the lone worker.

Steve Hough, Operations Director at SoloProtect, commented:

“We believe achieving this accreditation is important for our business, particularly given the services that we provide. In the last twelve months we’ve invested significantly in our physical infrastructure, and with this increased ownership and responsibility for data handling. The Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation can give our staff and our customers confidence that we’re carrying out a raft of often unseen processes, to help keep their lone worker data secure.”

Article Published 21.10.2016