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SoloProtect announces a lone worker first

UK and European audit approval for its ARC

Lone Worker Security provider, SoloProtect has announced a first for dedicated lone worker ARCs (Alarm Receiving Centre) with a successful audit process against BS8591 and EN50518 taking place earlier this month. The company, previously named Connexion2, moved into its new UK Head Office, named Suzy Lamplugh House, in September 2015. The ARC, which is situated on the same site, is now going through the process of acquiring URN’s from UK Police Forces in order to be operational from January 2016.

The audit first, which came about as previous UK ARC standard BS5979 has been withdrawn and superseded, sees BS8591 take its place as an interim standard prior to the European standard EN50518 being reissued in late 2016 – which is anticipated to form the benchmark for European ARC’s moving forward.

The ARC has been constructed to enable the business to offer an even greater degree of control over its deliverables to customers, and will see the company operate without the need to work in external partnership to supply the Alarm Monitoring element of the SoloProtect solution. The new SoloProtect ARC will also enable the company to offer customers a greater degree of customisation with highly personal alarm workflows, increasingly flexible reporting options, and a range of highly accurate and faster mechanisms for alarm despatch to the Police.

Suzy Lamplugh House is named in honour of the missing estate agent who was working alone when she disappeared in 1986. SoloProtect was delighted to announce a closer partnership with the Suzy Lamplugh Trust in June 2015, which sees the company work more closely with the trust on a range of activities to help improve awareness around personal safety.

Craig Swallow, Managing Director of SoloProtect commented:

“Investing in a purpose-built Alarm Receiving Centre has been a long and considered process – and we’re hugely excited about the end result, and with what this will enable us to deliver to our customers. We wanted our ARC to continue to deliver the great service that SoloProtect customers have been accustomed to, but also have cutting edge features that allows us to exceed the requirements of new standards, and ultimately safeguard a lone worker’s Police response in the future”.

Article Published 27.11.2015