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SoloProtect Break the 200,000 mark

SoloProtect has recently shipped its 200,000th Identicom lone worker device.

A far cry from their humble beginnings, when the device was formed after Craig Swallow, SoloProtect UK Managing Director attended a Suzy Lamplugh Trust event in 2002. Now over a decade later their cause remains the same – helping others to improve their personal safety, when working alone - as Suzy Lamplugh was all those years ago.

Craig still remembers a time when lone worker safety wasn’t such a priority.

‘It wasn’t too long ago that I asked a room full of Health and Safety professionals how many recognized they had lone workers with risk in their organisations - hardly a hand was raised. The story is very different today and I asked the very same question at a show recently, (November 2016), to a room of over 100 health and safety professionals – practically everyone raised their hands.’

SoloProtect, formerly Connexion2, was launched in 2003 and immediately began manufacturing their Identicom lone worker device. Identicom is the UK’s most widely used lone worker device; it’s the only device specifically designed as an identity card holder in order to be easy to wear and discreet to use. Containing mobile-phone (GSM) technology, it enables a 24/7/365 link to Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) monitoring in the event an employee requires assistance due to physical or verbal aggression.

It’s been an exciting 18 months for SoloProtect; back in October 2015 their new UK headquarters and state of the art ARC opened. Since opening, Suzy Lamplugh House, has created over 15 new jobs, all based in Sheffield. They have also introduced a formal living wage policy, raising the company’s lowest wage to a minimum of £11 an hour, significantly above the UK threshold of the national £8.45 per hour outside of London (£9.75 in the Capital).

As well as this the company was also included on the 'Sunday Times 100 Best Small Companies to work for 2016' at the annual Best Companies Event which took place in London in February 2016.

A further proud moment for the company came at the beginning of November 2016. SoloProtect successfully passed the strict auditing process and in doing so became the first lone worker solution provider accredited to BS 8484:2016 for NSI Guarding Gold and ARC Gold.
The reissue of BS 8484 is key in helping specifiers benchmark a quality solution, it will drive suppliers to provide greater transparency, a better service and provide more encompassing information for emergency services handling a genuine ‘Red Alert’ situation.

User adoption has been key to SoloProtect’s success, employing a solution is the first step but without the right support and training it’s hard to get the best from your lone worker device. Every SoloProtect customer gets UK based customer support, face-to-face and web based training and a monthly report outlining the utilization of devices or phone-applications across their team. This can be used to easily highlight areas of best practice, pockets of low usage and where additional training support might be beneficiary.

Craig Swallow commented:

‘When it comes to lone workers, involving the workforce prior to implementing a solution, as well as additional support and training, provides them with the necessary skills to deal with difficult situations. This is key to ensure you get the most out of your lone worker solution. The success of the Identicom, and the reason we’ve now rolled out over 200,000 devices is down to a shared effort between ourselves, our clients and the device users. Lots of work has gone into implementing solutions via training, support and comprehensive monthly reporting.’

2017 promises to be another exciting year for SoloProtect; lone worker safety is high on the list of health and safety priorities and they plan on continuing to help lone workers improve their personal safety and increase their peace of mind.


Article Published 6.12.2016