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SoloProtect Insights receives an update to assist lone worker management during Covid-19:

Managers given new functionality to help keep track of colleagues in self-isolation or when returning to work.

SoloProtect, the international lone worker company, has announced an update to its Insights portal to help customers ensure effective management of their teams, during the Coronavirus Pandemic. The ongoing nature of the crisis continues to impact millions of people around the world – both socially on a personal level, but also impacting job roles, office environments and employers. This brings about a host of new logistical problems for businesses and organisations to solve.

SoloProtect Insights remains a central component of the overall SoloProtect solution – giving customers a range of functional measures to help organise, deploy and maintain their lone worker solution effectively over time. Insights is used by SoloProtect customers in the UK, US and EU – and provides flexible set-up options, reporting dashboards to show the health of a solution’s deployment, and online training for users.

The updated release is going live on March 31 2020, will see the implementation of several minor features designed to assist the organisation of workers – particularly in relation to their current working status within the organisation – something anticipated to be useful to SoloProtect customers as the Coronavirus is expected to peak in the UK and a number of European countries plus the US in a matter of weeks.

Highlights include:

• The ability to add a user working status allowing several manager roles to update the status of their lone workers. The status will include, “Self isolating - working from home” and “Self-isolating - unable to work”.

• New filter options to enable a user to toggle based on –
    o Users based on their current working status
    o Users who have an expected return to work date, set in the past

• A dashboard update to show the various working status by volume, for users in each account.

• An email to be triggered to the relevant Manager roles, and the individual lone worker involved, to confirm it is one day prior to a team-member being out of self-isolation and expected to return to work.

Craig Swallow, Managing Director, SoloProtect UK & EU commented, “Like every business, we’re wrestling with the impact Covid-19 is having on SoloProtect, whilst also doing all we can to understand how it is affecting our customers. Something we immediately highlighted as a deliverable in SoloProtect Insights, is functionality to ease the administrative impact all our customers will face due to having large sections of their workforce working away from the office, whilst also keeping track of team-members that are entering or returning from periods of self-isolation.”

Full release notes will be available within Insights, from the day of the release, under the 'Announcements' section.

Article Published 31.3.2020