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The Health and Safety Statistics for 2014/2015 have been released by the HSE

HSE releases new report.

In the 2014/2015 period, 142 workers sustained fatal injuries at work. Additionally, 611,000 non-fatal injuries were self-reported by employees in the Labour Force Survey. Under the RIDDOR scheme, employers reported 76,054 non-fatal injuries to workers, of which the majority was caused by slips and trips (28%).

This resulted in 4.1 million working days being lost to workplace injuries, costing Britain’s society an estimated £ 4.9 billion.

The risk factors most commonly present within a workplace were “Dealing with difficult customers, patients, pupils, etc.”, which about 65% of employees stated to face, equalling to about 2 in 3 workers. Nearly half of employees further stated slips, trips and falls to be of risks, making it the fifth most present risk within Britain’s workplaces.

In 2014/2015, 728 cases were prosecuted for health and safety breaches, of which 94% led to a conviction with total fines of £ 19m issued.

Download the full report here

Article Published 28.10.2015