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Update to SoloProtect Insights coming in June release

More development for our customer portal, available to SoloProtect customers shortly

The international personal safety company, SoloProtect is delivering an updated release version of ‘SoloProtect Insights’, scheduled for completion in June 2019. This latest release sees a continuation in development of the company’s customer portal, with the Insights platform growing to give increased functionality to those deploying SoloProtect, at no additional cost.

A key part of the latest release is the addition of ‘Roles’ within the platform, which allows an administrator to successfully categorise a contact’s permissions in Insights - ensuring an individual can access necessary information that is commensurate with their role in relation to the deployment of SoloProtect in their organisation.

In addition, solution administrators will be able to update recipient lists in relation to ‘Red Alert’, report notifications. Previously something only edited by contacting SoloProtect’s Customer Support team, from the date of release, a customer is able to directly determine who in their organisation receives report notifications in relation to a lone worker alarm.


When setting up Insights, either during the initial deployment stage, editing an established account, or if adding new contacts within the system - administrators will now be able to assign a pre-defined role to any individual. This is referred to within Insights as 'Access Level'.

This enables a SoloProtect customer to access several benefits:

• Direct control or delegation of contact creation or editing within the portal, that would previously have to be requested via contacting SoloProtect Customer Support by phone or e-mail.

• Updates made are reflected online in our ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre) in minutes, irrespective of when the changes are made.

• Permissions and data access that reflects their given role.

• Greater personalisation with less scope for digesting information on-screen that isn’t necessarily relevant, and a clear and simple user interface.

• Relevant metrics that can be used to equip individual managers, support team dynamics, or inform the wider organisation with rationale about return on investment.

This latest version release, scheduled to be delivered on June 4th 2019 (target date), is explained in more detail in release notes available within SoloProtect Insights. The release notes will be live and located under the 'Announcements' section, from the date of release.

Craig Swallow, Managing Director for SoloProtect UK commented: “Insights is a key part of our product offering and will remain a focus point for development that improves our customers’ experience. It’s great to see increasing volumes of SoloProtect customers are harnessing the metrics within Insights to add value to their operation and demonstrate ROI across their organisation.”

If you would like more information about how Insights could benefit your organisation, as part of a BS 8484 accredited lone worker solution, please contact SoloProtect.

Article Published 26.4.2019