Lone Worker Security in Agriculture

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A high-risk industry

Nearly one person a week is fatally injured as a direct result of agricultural work. Injury occurrences, including serious ones, are an even more common occurrence.

Whether it's working at height, working with dangerous machinery or hazardous chemicals, dealing with livestock or working near pits and silos there are many risks associated with working in the agricultural industry. Consequently, agricultural organisations must be vigilant and consider all available measures to safeguard workers and ensure a quick response when an accident does occur.

And, of course, to keep the operation moving, knowing the location of your mobile workers so you can efficiently redeploy them whenever necessary is vital.

What are the risks associated with the agriculture industry?

If you work in agriculture you’ll know that it can be a dangerous industry with many associated risks.

Agriculture risks may include:

  • Working at height
  • Dangerous machinery
  • Large heavy vehicles
  • Unpredictable environment, e.g. uneven, and wet and slippy surfaces
  • Hazardous chemicals
  • Livestock
  • Working in or around pits
  • Working around silos
  • Lone worker security

Are there lone workers in the agriculture industry?

Despite being a busy and hectic working environment there are clearly many instances of lone working in agriculture.

Due to the sheer size of some of the working environments, the type of work taking place, and the fact that many farms are in isolated locations, agriculture employees will often find themselves working alone with no avenues of support in the event of an accident.

The biggest health and safety concerns within the agriculture industry are environmental. This means there's a greater chance of a worker being incapacitated due to a slip, trip, fall, illness, or injury. If you couple this with lone working then it's a recipe for disaster. Every second counts in an emergency so having super quick support is essential. 


Discreet, simple to use, rapid response

SoloProtect provides discreet and easy-to-use personal safety solutions for agriculture workers that won’t get in the way of the day job.

With 24/7 emergency support and man-down detection, we’ll quickly get help to you when you need it most.

You'll also get access to SoloProtect Insights - the online platform for comprehensive metrics and ongoing management of your solution.

Lone worker devices designed for agriculture workers

SoloProtect lone worker devices are designed to withstand the daily wear and tear associated with agricultural work:

  • Made for noisy environments

All SoloProtect devices are well-equipped for noisy agricultural environments. When active, your dedicated device, (or mobile phone if using SoloProtect Mobile) will vibrate in a distinct pattern so you’re reassured it’s working.

  • Tough on dust and water

Wet and dusty agriculture sites are no match for our devices. They’re all water and dust resistant to ensure functionality is unaffected, even in the worst weather.

  • Locates and communicates

Geolocation and cellular technology (4G LTE) ensure we can communicate with users and pinpoint their location whenever they need support.

  • Small and mighty

All our devices are small, lightweight and won’t get in the way. They have a range of attachments so you can wear it on your belt, attach it to your keyring or lanyard, or simply put it in your pocket. Take a look at our range of personal safety solutions, including our mobile app.

Do your agriculture workers need lone worker protection?

If you’re unsure whether your agriculture workers need lone worker protection, take a look at our Team Assessment. This is a useful tool that helps an employer or agriculture team manager to understand the level of risk their workers are subject to. 

What are your obligations towards contractors?

Agriculture has long been an industry that utilises contract workers, and as an agriculture professional, it’s important to consider the safety and wellbeing of everyone working undder your care.

Do your contractors adhere to health and safety policies and procedures on- and off-site? Do you understand your obligations toward contractors? What are your responsibilities?

Find out more in our Health & Safety for Contractors article.

Business Case Support

You can read more about the benefits of investing in a personal safety or lone working solution for your agriculture workers in our Business Case Support document - available on the Knowledge Base.

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