Lone Worker Security for Healthcare Workers

Supporting staff on the frontline, and beyond

Deploying a SoloProtect Personal Safety Solution can deliver safety benefits to Healthcare workers on the frontline and those based in the community, but also help department managers and the wider organisation deliver genuine value - both in terms of safety and operationally.

Lone worker security risks to Healthcare personnel are well documented, and figures suggest that violent incidents involving NHS staff continue to increase, to in excess of 75,000 incidents every year according to Unison [1].

Across the Coronavirus pandemic, this has been only highlighted further with numerous reports of incidents of aggression involving our key workers based in the community [2].

Helping customers to:

  • Give peace of mind to mobile staff and lone workers with 24/7 alarm support, and discreet personal safety devices
  • Document verbal abuse, inform training and best practice
  • Deliver protection against trips, falls and incapacitation
  • Get up to date location information to assist better coordination across mobile teams
  • Deliver dashboard reporting to key stakeholders on solution usage, reflected across an organisation's department structure
  • Receive up to date, and credible information regarding the working status of employees across a team or group
  • Greater visibility of any mobile personnel
  • Support workers to report incidents, and document them effectively

We work with a significant number of NHS Trusts and Private Medical organisations and with a range of devices to choose from, scalable functionality to suit the needs of your employer, see our solutions for more information, or book a no-obligation, solution demo.

[1] Reducing violence in the NHS
2] Coronavirus: Hundreds of violent attacks on ambulance workers during COVID-19 crisis

Business Case Support

Business Case Support

You can read more about the benefits of investing in a personal safety or lone working solution in our Business Case Support document - available on the Knowledge Base.

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