Why Choose SoloProtect for Worker Safety?

SoloProtect brings years of experience in delivering world-class lone worker solutions, the leading dedicated lone worker device, and comprehensive support for your team.

SoloProtect has been delivering market leading lone worker technology, and innovative personal safety solutions for close to twenty years. Offering discretion and performance for the solution user, a range of operational benefits to a department manager or solution administrator, and protecting an employer's brand value and reputation.

Protecting staff is an investment in time and resources, but it shouldn't be without return. Implementing SoloProtect will deliver:

  • A safer workforce - 24/7 protection, of which the user is totally in control.

  • A solution that reflects the structure of your organisation - both departmentally and in terms of reporting lines, allowing you to empower teams across the life of your implementation.

  • Information that makes a difference - reporting should be meaningful, that's why you can scale what you need, giving access to those who need it, automated to a frequency that works for them.

  • Greater visibility - our device technology enables greater visibility for the employing organisation. Through SoloProtect Insights. solution administrators are able to dramatically reduce time spent on implementing and managing a solution. In addition, team leaders and department managers are empowered to have greater involvement, whilst end-users have resources they can access on their terms.

SoloProtect has invested in innovative personal safety technology, designed to delight the lone worker, to reduce management time, and deliver genuine value to an employer at the same time.

The company also monitors tens of thousands of lone workers each day, through our monitoring services and certified Alarm Receiving Centre, able to deliver the best possible response for any worker requiring support.

2021 has seen the company launch an updated solution offering - including simple tiers to choose from, with clear features and functionality for end-users.

At the same time, a new range of personal safety devices is available, coupled with ongoing development within SoloProtect Insights that is helping customers to drive greater value from the solution.

For more on our lone worker device solutions, please see here.

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